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Monday, June 29, 2009

Julia Roberts, My All-time Favorite Actress

Julia Roberts is the first actress that will come to my mind when someone will ask me who my favorite actress is. Her NOTHING HILL movie will almost automatically play back at the back of my mind. This movie is the best Julia Robert film for me that I don't mind watching it all over again, and again. Of course, Pretty Woman, My Best Friend's Wedding and The Runaway Bride is also on the top of my list of my favorite movies of her.

But it is indeed Nothing Hill my most favorite. The movie made me fall in love again and again. And every time I watched the film, never minding whether it was on the hundreth time, or the thousandth(?!), it made me more interested about my favorite Julia.

I got fascinated when the news broke that she got married at midnight(!) and in a very intimate, private affair, a very unpredictable event think how big celebrity Julia is. And even if I am not watching her in her films, I am always interested in everything about her.

I was also having my own high of joy when she won Best Actress in her movie Erin Brockovich.

Indeed I am a fan!

One time, my Nothing Hill DVD broke and got frustrated when I couldn't find a copy of this. Thank heavens that somebody told me about Direct Satellite TV, a wonderful satellite TV, and I subscribed myself in no time at all. There I am able to watch my favorite films and as well as different shows. I even got to know what's happening on Julia Roberts life, behind the camera!

I never regret subscribing at Direct TV. Even my husband and kid loved it. It has a wide variety of channel wherein we could watch our favorite movies, shows and news.

Friends, please nominate me in the BEST OF THE BEST AWARD.
Thank you.