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Monday, January 28, 2008

Ask Me...

Ask Me…

What is Love?
Love isn’t something that needs permission to happen. It’s a feeling too strong and powerful to ignore.

Why do we fall in love?

The experience makes us feel completely alive where every senses is heightened, every emotions is magnified, every reality is shattered and we are all flying in the heavens. It may only last for a moment, an hour or an afternoon but that doesn’t diminish its value. Because we are left with memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. (The Mirror Has Two Faces)

Cried during a Movie?
Yes, in the movie A League of Their Own starring Tom Hanks, Ginna Davis and Madonna. The reunion scene made me cry…

Own a car?

Yes. Red Ferrari, Silver BMW, Black Jaguar. In my dreams...

Do I believe in long engagement?
My answer goes like this. I met my husband in December 2003. We were officially on in Feb 1 the following year. We got married in November 2004, less than a year after we met. We don’t regret it. We ARE happy. Especially now that we have in our lives the most precious little one. Jamaica Pablita, our honeymoon baby.


Things that I like...


I'm a foodie. :)
and these pictures are personally taken by me, hehe.


Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, Sidney Sheldon's Nothing Last Forever, Sandra Brown's A Secret Splendour

TV programs:

ABS-CBN's defunct Buttercup is my all-time favorite TV show. Now, I'm hooked in Maging Sino Ka Man.


The American President
The Cutting Edge
Pay It Forward
The Mirror Has Two Faces
Wedding Planner
Sweet Home Alabama
My Best Friends Wedding
The Wedding Singer
Notting Hill
The Tale of the Red Violin
The Mask Of Zorro
The Rain Man
Mrs. Brown
A League of Their Own
Finding Nemo
National Treasure


Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Annie’s Song
For Baby
Till There Was You
I Follow The Sun
In My Life
If Ever In Your Arms Again
(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away
If You Asked Me To
What’s Forever For
What Do We Mean To Each Other
Thanks To You
From A Distance
It’s All Coming Back To Me Now
It Might Be You
All I Ever Want
Sa Tuwing Umuulan na Kapiling Ka
Is There Something?
Kung Ako Na Lang Sana
Sometimes You Just Know
Afraid For Love To Fade
Grow Old With You
For A Moment Like This
Lady and The Tramp II Theme…

(it goes like… it’s amazing someone in my life just might be loving me… didn’t know that I could feel this way… it’s so crazy something in my life is better than a dream… I didn’t know that I could feel this way)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

CP My Secret Crush and Fantasy

Class Picture Series 3 & 4
My Secret Crush and Fantasy
Book 1 & 2

Alejo and Fatima Mae's story in this book holds a very special place in my heart. Their story made me cry while writing it, and it also made me look back on my own high school memories with bittersweet smile.

This is one of my personal favorite among the books I have written.

Class Picture Series

Class Picture Series 1 & 2
My Lover, My Best Friend
book 1 & 2

Aleamor was eager to organize a high school class reunion of her batch. It had been over a decade and she had lost contact with most of them.
And she knew now was the best time.
Then she remembere Joel, the one who could make things happen, for always.
And while she was planning the reunion, twist of events happened, too.
Just like in a snap, she found herself married to Joel...

Wedding Girls Series Batch 2

There are few women who were scorned and in for revenge and there are also some who never lose hope and kept on dreaming…but deep in their hearts, these women definitely had one thing in commonlike the young, sweet girl in their hearts,they believe in love and romance and fairy tales…let’s find out how they met the men destined to be the love of their lives…

Wedding Girls Series is a collection of stories of women whose career is involved in wedding industry…

Batch 2
Jenna, Another Wedding Planner
Caroline, The Florist
Sienna, The Travel Agent
Samantha, The Caterer
Imee, The Baker
Lynette, The Jeweler
Sydney, The Wedding Singer
Donna, The Make-up Artist
Veronica, The Couturier
Alexandra, The Printer
Jamaica, The Wedding Photographer II

Wedding Girls Series Batch 1

there are few women who were scorned and in for revenge
and there are also some who never lose hope and kept on dreaming…
but deep in their hearts, these women definitely had one thing in common
like the young, sweet girl in their hearts,
they believe in love and romance and fairy tales…
let’s find out how they met the men destined to be the love of their lives…

Wedding Girls Series is a collection of stories of women whose career is involved in wedding industry…

Wedding Girls 1
Evelyn May, The Wedding Planner

Ryan Olivares was handsome and tall. He seemed to possess a patent in sex appeal. He had a striking personality that Eve felt made her breathless. They shared heated kisses and passion consumed her.

But Eve realized she was goint to marry another man!

A year later, Eve became a widow. And she blames no one for it but Ryan. She voved to get even with him.

And they are now ensnared in the web of seduction game...
The other wedding girls...
The Jeweler

The Cake Architect

Scarlett Marie
The Florist

The Wedding Singer

The Makeup Artist

The Honeymoon Destination Expert

Adrienne Blythe
The Caterer

The Printer

The Wedding Emcee

The Wedding Photographer

The Bridal Gown Designer


Places And Souvenirs

Distinct or intertwined romance stories set against the single backdrop of an exotic Philippine setting.

Cagayan is the last series I wrote for this book imprint.

Cagayan 1 – SANTINO (Enemies At First Sight)
Cagayan 2 – SEBASTIAN (You Belong To Me, I Belong To You)
Cagayan 3 – PJ (PJ, I Love You 1)
Cagayan 4 – PJ (PJ, I Love You 2)

Picture of the book will be added later, guys...


Places And Souvenirs

Distinct or intertwined romance stories set against the single backdrop of an exotic Philippine setting.

Four women of Womanly Magazine went to Boracay for business and a little pleasure. When they got there, they got entangled with gorgeous men that became the love of their lives.


Places And Souvenirs

Distinct or intertwined romance stories set against the single backdrop of an exotic Philippine setting.

The very first series I wrote for this particular book imprint was Ilocos.

The first time I went to Ilocos was in 1994. From Vigan to Laoag, to different tourist destinations in that province, I felt that the place would be significant for me. and it's true, ten years after, November 2004 to be exact, for the nth time, I was in Ilocos province again, this time not with friends nor classmates but with a very special someone. Yes, we spent our honeymoon up north.

But that is another story...

Three special, intelligent ladies got their own little trouble. It was a blessing in disguise for they met wonderful men that capture their hearts.

I wrote P&S Ilocos in 1999, after I had a week-long vacation there with fellow writer Martha Cecilia and other friends.

Sometime You Just Know

Series 1 – Mariel & Benedict
Series 2 – Roselle & Frederick
Series 3 – Bernadette & Juniel 1
Series 4 – Bernadette & Juniel 2
Series 5 – Riza & Roi
Series 6 – Marra & Tody
Series 7 – Quennie & Adam
Series 8 – Katrina & Jude
Series 9 – Meliza & Froilan Rei

This is a collection of stories about friends becoming lovers and arranged marriages between family friends.

My Lovely Bride

another book imprint by Precious

The heroine as the prospective lovely bride—and the merits and sanctity of marriage as the ultimate goal of a romantic relationship.

And these are the books I have written under this book imprint:

Rachel & Ken

# 120 - Caitlin & Vergel

# 114 - Mary & Jeriq

# 97 - Julie & Froilan

# 87 - Jelyn & Franco

# 80 - Camille & Polo

# 65 - Jeninna & Roel

# 54 - Lilianne & Nick

Wedding Vows

WV 1 - To Have and To Hold

WV 2 - From This Day Forward

WV 3 - For Better, For Worse
WV 4 - Till Death Do Us Part

This is my second series after Sometimes You Just Know. This four-book series is about friends Maurin, Kristel, Annalor and Maris who found love in unexpected time and events.

My Love, My Hero

another book imprint by Precious

-The heroine as the damsel in distress, the stricken beauty. And her man as her hero—chivalrous and romantic knight in shining armour.

And these are the books I have written under this book imprint:

Liam Saavedra
Jasper Matias
Andres Figueroa
Segunda Ventura

Txt Lyf

Could It Be Love?

Texters In Love

Two books I wrote for this book imprint:

Txt Lyf

-anonymous romantic messages sent to an unsuspecting beloved, the diminutive cellular phone as a device in bringing together two hearts into the very core of love.

Men In Blue: Ivy's League

Men In Blue

in this book imprint, heroes are the gorgeous, rugged type.

Ivy's League
by Jasmine Esperanza
Ivy is the rich, spoiled brat raised by her grandmother. She's snob, prefers designer labels on everything and never eaten in a fast food all her life...

Lance Wilson is the exact opposite of her. Except for his gorgeous eyes, she will not take a second look on him. why, he's just an electric company lineman. And dirty.

And oh, she hated any kind of dirt...
But why does her heart dribble everytime she take a look at him?

Sylvia Roces Love Files

Over The Bakod Lang Ang Pag-ibig

This is the only book I have written under this book imprint:

Sylvia Roces Love Files
-Drama in the life and love of a letter sender. Sylvia Roces is the sympathetic but no-nonsense sob sister who commiserates and gives advice.


Asin Sa Sugat ng Puso (Salt in A Heart's Wound)
Two books I have written under this book imprint:
-Romance stories of the suspense-thriller genre, unusal events unfold as two hearts get more deeply involved with each other

Edward Thomas

My only book under this book imprint:

-Romance in all its epic proportions. Longer, larger in scope, thicker plot and guaranteed romance.

Once You Were Mine

Once You Were Mine is the only book I have written under this book imprint:

-lengthened and made more provocative and emotion-filled to suit the reader’s desire for prolonged excitement.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Precious Hearts Romances

The Best Love Stories Of All Time

Tagalog Romance Pocketbook

Love in all its glorious forms…
Two hearts in the throes of despair and happiness…
Lovers in the splendor passion…
A celebration of fidelity, honor, family ties and values…
And infinite wonders of the human heart…
Top-rate romantic novels released by:
Precious Pages Corporation

In this book imprint, these are some of the books that I have written:

Just Mine

Boy Next Door
Ever Since
Please Be Mine
Whenever You're Near
Second Chance At Love (Book 1 and 2)
Pretenders In Love (Book 1 and 2)
Ikaw Na Nga Ang pag-Ibig
For Our Heart's Sake
Narito Ako
After the Kiss
Soon I'll Find You
The Wedding Gown Magic

Precious Pages Corporation

PRECIOUS PAGES CORPORATION (PPC) began in 1992 when most businesses were closing down due to the crippling energy crisis. At that time, Tagalog romance pocketbooks were gaining popularity among Filipino romantics, especially the women. Segundo D. Matias Jr. and Richard Reynante, two creative think tanks from advertising, film and television, knew very well the Filipino taste in entertainment, so they decided to pool their resources and came up with the romance novel book imprint Precious Hearts Romances (PHR).

This is the publication where all of my books mentioned here are published.

I Am A Fan As Well

Before I became a writer, I was and I still am a fan to various artists, (singers, celebrities, authors.)

I am a big fan of Lea Salonga. I really like her during her Princess Jasmine of Alladin, the Movie.

I also like Roselle Nava during her Ang TV days.

When it comes to book, it was Helen Meriz on top of my list. But when I read Martha Cecilia's Akin Ka, Noon, Ngayon at Magpakailanman, I instantly became her fan. And up to now, I always look up to her.

I never expected to be a writer. Before, I was just dreaming of meeting Martha Cecilia. But when I became a writer, I also came to know more of my favorite writer MC.

Now, she's more than my idol. To most people, she's Martha Cecilia, the writer. To some fellow writers, she's MC or Miss Marthat. To me, she's Ate Baby, my friend, my adviser and my big sister, too.

Blogging Excites Me

Okay, this is just my hmmm, 4th post, but i'm telling you, this really excites me. Thanks to Weng for introducing me to this craze online.

I have a lot of ideas to write about but i guess, it's better to focus on this first.

When you are a writer, a lot of people expects you to generate tons and tons of paragraphs in just a snap. Hello! we're just human. And human as we are, we need to sleep, to relax, to take our own time.

And so, after several years of writing pages and pages of scene for my books, i thought of giving it a try, blogging I mean.

Blogging is entirely different from writing a full-length novel. And while I am taking a short break from writing a novel, I want to make this blog.

To all my friends and readers, fans or critics, this blog is for all of you!

2008 Contract and Compliments Day

Thank you so much Louwelyn (asawakomahalko) for tagging me. I really appreciate it!


A real friend must be cherished beyond all worldly measures and shine brighter than gold and last longer than diamonds. A compliments day memo from a beautiful sexy friend. Thanks again for sharing me this, Louwelyn.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Blessing In Disguise

It's been a while since i got this virus at Yahoo Messenger. I always apologize to fellow YM'ers for such an alien language that always pop on them every now and then. and they always send me this: Hey! You got a virus!!!

Until Louwelyn, approached me, well, with the very same message.

I apologized again.

And it started a nice conversation eventually convincing me to try blogging.

Well, why not?

So I'm here, trying to write a nice welcome post, hahaha.

Who am I?

I am Jasmine Esperanza.

You will know more and more about me next time.

Till next post...