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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wedding at Sto.Domingo, NE

We covered a wedding at Sto. Domingo, NE last week, Sunday, February 24, 2008.

It was a different wedding from the usual weddings we cover in Pampanga and nearby towns in our own town Cabiao.

Although it was the usual barrio wedding, i was amazed at the their cultures in wedding which is very new to me.

Their very own version of Kinasal Na Manok really amused me. I couldn't help took lots of pictures at those two chicken who were tied up with wire, necks strangled to make them look like this:

It was sweet!

but we joked: Kinasal na Manok or Sinakal na Manok???


These very sweet and romantic looking chickens have their royal place at the presidential table. They stood as the centerpiece, which they really deserved.

The money dance was fun. I wish I had a money dance during my wedding, hehe. My mind became an instant calculator, watching those pieces of "Ninoy" and "Trio" (five hundred and one thousand pesos bill, respectively) pinned at their wedding dress one by one. The long line of "Etneb" (twenty pesos) brought large applause from the crowd when one of the ninangs wrapped the money at the newly weds.

It was a really fun wedding. And after my almost four years of marriage, I also got to meet Haidee again. My wedding emcee who was also the emcee of the said wedding.

My only downside was I always become an emotional during weddings. sometimes I forgot that I have a work to do and got attached to the sermon. While taking pictures, my eyes became wet especially at the moment when parents give messages to their children. I really can't help it. I just dry my eyes discreetly.

Otherwise, my co-photographers would laugh at me!

To Aldine and Erelyn, congratulations and best wishes!


Allen's sweetheart said...

wow sarap ng kainan hehehe nakakagutom hehehe ingat jas keep on blogging kc datung na din ang katapat niyan hehehehe///long time no heard ingat god bless...

asawakomahalko said...

wowowow money money money all over hehehhee ganda ng post mo jas blogwalking here ...naku jas ano ba naman yung internet connection mo oi hehehe...