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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yzel, my cousin, my friend

I met my cousin Yzelie in 2004, when we stayed at their hotel in Laoag for our honeymoon. And I'm glad that she was very warm and accomodating to us, because I first worried that she was otherwise.

Well, she is definitely NOT.

She and her boyfriend then, Tyrone John, now her husband were very hospitable. They treated us iced coffee and then brought us to their favorite stall which sells the famous empanada.

It was quite "bitin" because she had a duty then, working as a nurse in Mariano Marcos Medical Center in Batac. But we kept in touch through SMS and Internet chat. Once in a while we saw each other when she was in Manila.

Sometime in 2006, she left for US and just came back for a short vacation in March this year, in time for her birthday. And this time, she and Tyrone treated us big time!

We met again the following day she arrived in Manila. It was a short date for we had a plan of having a short stay in Ilocos before the end of March. And indeed, after the much awaited, date, we came to Laoag in March 26 at around 7 in the morning.

Yzel and Tyrone had barely slept for they monitored our trip. And we were welcomed with a warm and sweet smile.

Our first breakfast.
fried rice, daing na bangus, sunny side up eggs, longganisang Laoag and tomatoes

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