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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ilocos Trip 2008: Hidden Treasure Resort, Pagudpud

The very first time I had been to Pagudpud was in 1999. With me are fellow authors MC and RT, male friend Jose Paolo who is now an author, too, and two lovely gals Cherry Lou and Sandra.

We stayed at the resort which at this time, I couldn't recall the name, yaiks! but that is the resort beside Villa Del Mar.

I was very excited then. It was the first time I came too close with the fine, white sand. Very much convinced that Saud Beach is indeed the Boracay of the North.

The second time was in September 2004 when our family had a trip before I got married. Pabalate family, our host during that time brought us to Blue Lagoon, another part of the Pagudpud beach which is also breathtakingly beautiful. there was no resort in that area, just a little hut where we could put our things while we were enjoying the water all by ourselves! It felt like we had a piece of our very own paradise.

This year, Yzel and Tyrone brought us to the Hidden Treasure Resort. Hidden, indeed, for I never thought there would be a resort after thrity minutes of driving on the rough road similar to the road in Kapurpurawan, nyehehehe!

But when we got to the resort, we forgot the rough road automatically. It was another surprise for me. Pagudpud really has its pride in having beautiful beaches.

Hidden Treasure Resort cottage... really nice

Father and daughter... their first time together in beach

Mica... in her element!

Mica and Ashtie Mela

Lola Pining

Yzel: "Let's go to our next stop!"

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