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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ilocos Trip 2008: Where is Kapurpurawan?

On our way to Pagudpud, we saw this sign: KAPURPURAWAN, white rock formation.

We all got curious, so Tyrone immediately took a turn following the signage.

For the next minutes, we were amazed with the trees and grass that we saw.

We even joked, this is the road less traveled...

The road seemed endless...

We didn't see any human being. Just a group of goats that we had mistaken as a man riding in a bike from afar. but when we got near, we found out they were goats. Or ghost? that night, we discussed our trip there. We got goosebumps while arguing whether they were goats or man riding on a bike, nyay!

So, where is Kapurpurawan? We were looking for it for more than ten minutes and we hardly have an idea where we were heading to?

Is this the Kapurpurawan?

We really couldn't tell. Tyrone made a U-turn and we all decided to leave the place. It was getting scary.


Anonymous said...

You should have not made a u-turn. The rock formations were amazing and breath taking. Although the road seems endless but it is worth the trip. You might want to go back sometime =)

Mayrose Damo said...

Yeah. You shoul ccontinue Ms. Jas. Hahaha